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James G. Schneider

Executive Director
For me, serving as the Executive Director of Springhill has been a privilege, honor and opportunity of a lifetime. Being an integral member of an organization from its very beginning and participating in every challenge, change, setback and step forward is something not everyone will experience in their lifetime. The opportunity to make a difference and to be a piece in a puzzle that enables one to express their interests, talents and values with satisfaction and fulfillment is sometimes simply explained as one’s life calling. In many respects my opportunity to work at Springhill these past 20 years feels like something I was meant to do.

Sharon Belovarac, BSN RN, C NHA

Administrator of ForestView Health Care Center
I find it very fulfilling and interesting working with this population of residents, there is concern and compassion for our residents at all levels of living which is evidenced by our associates.

Barbara Machuga

Director of Human Resources
I find my job rewarding and look forward every day to serving the associates at Springhill which in turn serves the residents. Springhill Senior Living is a caring and supportive community to residents and to associates.

Sandra L. Buckley

Director, Resident Services & Wellness
It has been my honor to be a part of the Springhill Family for 20 years and to work with dedicated and compassionate staff. I am delighted every day to offer challenging and rewarding programming so residents can find joy, continue to learn and grow, and become stronger, balanced, agile and flexible through exercises designed for them.

Jane E. Gibson, RN MSN CDP

Director of Health Services
I find in my every day work that I learn so much from the residents about life and living. My hope is that I am able to give back to them even a portion of what they have provided to others throughout their lives. Our Springhill community is really just a big extended family. The kindness and hospitality that evolves within our community of residents, associates, volunteers, and family members is not only genuine, but expected.  We make a difference!


Deborah Jones RN MS

Director of Nursing
I find my work exceptionally rewarding. As the Director of Nursing I have the ability to make an impact on the lives of our residents by guiding our caregivers in providing excellent yet compassionate care.

Lou DePalma

Facilities General Manager
Springhill Steering Team Member

I take great pleasure in being able to provide quality customer service to seniors, something I've been doing for more than 35 years. My team's goal is to make residents' homes comfortable each and every day, and the interaction we have while doing that is one of this job's best perks. I enjoy using my technical skills, along with my experience in emergency medical services and safety scenario planning, to make community members' lives carefree and secure.

Patricia A. Leuschen

Director of Sales & Marketing
The genuine interest, compassion and thoughtfulness toward others is a common thread amongst Springhill residents, families, associates, management and Board members. I am truly privileged to be a part and delighted to be able to introduce new residents and their families to Springhill!