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Moving Assistance Sends Hassles Packing

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Move-In Coordination Services Smooth Your Path to Springhill

Even if the prospect of a new home, new adventures and new friendships is exciting, the process can be challenging. But moving to Springhill is not something you go through alone.

If you keep that bright light at the end, moving just comes down to the basics and can be mentally liberating,” says Move-In Coordinator Jill Mannino. “You’re starting a whole new chapter of your life. What do you want to bring to your new chapter?’ ”

  • First, Jill visits your home and helps you prioritize those “must-have” pieces. She also brings a floor plan with scaled, cut-out furniture that allows you to lay out a physical representation of your new home. With five years of experience, she has become pretty savvy about predicting what will fit in your new home even before measuring! “I recently worked with a resident who wanted to bring her piano to her new Apartment,” Jill says. “That was her no-matter-what item. We created a scale floor plan with furniture, and that made it much easier for her to make decisions about what to bring and what to part with.”
  • Next, Jill provides you with a Resources List of movers, liquidators or downsizers, storage facilities, cleaning services, auctioneers for estate sales, charities that accept donations, and more. If residents would like, Jill sets up appointments and coordinates with these providers together with the resident or separately. This includes working directly with the movers at your house.
  • Jill also provides a Moving Checklist. However, Jill typically handles each item on this list for you – issues such as registering change of address with the Post Office and calling the phone and cable companies to transfer service.

    On moving day, Jill is a hands-on presence with the movers. Within a few days, you can expect a visit from one of the members of Springhill’s Hospitality Committee, as well as some lunch and dinner invitations and a call from Springhill Director of Resident Services, Katie MacKenzie.

    See Springhill's New Resident Services here.

  •  “Our goal is to make sure there is always someone on the other end of the phone to provide support and answer questions throughout this process,” Jill says. “We have so much experience in this area and can anticipate potential issues you might not think of. It really helps to have that person in your corner.” 

A Moving Experience

Jill has been with Springhill for five years, starting at the community as a Personal Care aide. In 2009, she brought her father to Springhill, coordinating a 600-mile move and helping him downsize from a 4,000-square foot house. Director of Marketing Patty Leuschen saw Jill’s competence and patience through that process and created the Move-In Coordinator position.

“This is such a rewarding job,” Jill says. “To see the peace that people feel once they’ve moved in and transitioned to their new home is wonderful. And the relationship you forge through the process is such a special part of this. It’s such a personal and emotional process, you almost become family.”

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